Question: Is it true that Dan Burisch is no longer a legal entity?

Answer: Yes, it’s true that Dan Burisch was born Danny Crain, took the surname Burisch when he married his wife Deborah Burisch, and returned to his birthname upon his divorce from her. Details to follow.

Question: Is it true Dan Burisch worked with extraterrestrials at Area 51?

Answer: Yes, Dan worked with a being from Zeta Reticuli that came to be called a “J-rod”, based on images he would point to during the time MJ-12 was attempting to learn about this alien that had “crash-landed” near Kingman, AZ in 1953. This “J-rod” had a secret name it was not allowed to publicly disclose, but because he was a member of a secret society back in the Zeta Reticuli star system, conveyed what it was to Dan, who then conveyed it to a third party who conveyed it to us. Dan worked with this alien life-form in the 1994-1995 time period at S-4, which is part of what is known as “Area 51” though is technically not in that Area.


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