Dan Burisch In Conference With The Golden Thread, May 5, 2004

Just Giving You Truth

We only want you to think of what’s truly important, but we’ll be giving you the important minutiae that it comes from so you can judge for yourselves.

Our Story

Is an amazing one, and makes the 1990’s “X-Files” look like the cheap Establishment sit-com is was (Sorry Mulder and Scully)

Meet the Team

This space will contain biographical information as to the individuals involved in attempting to “Tell The World”.


We Don’t Do Business Here, but Dondep served extensively as Henry Morton Stanley to Dan Burisch’s Dr. Livingstone.

Uncle John

Uncle John was a beloved Sufi and the original archivist of the Golden Thread. Like Little John, he could be surly and bore all the hallmarks of the Architect of Heaven, his most fervent goal. Meanwhile he served as an admirable ‘deadhead’ and ….loved a parade. Only Love Can Fill.


Boomer was from England; he was an electrical engineer and a crack internet sleuth.


Next Steps…

This will connect to your political representatives so you can speak up as a citizen and demand the changes we need to restore our democratic republic.