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This is the story of how a microbiologist, employed by Majestic 12 to assist in discovering a cure for the neuropathy suffered by an extraterrestrial J-rod, from the Zeta Reticuli star system, came to admit to several critical truths of immense importance to the human race – in an immigration asylum case in the Federal Court of Canada. Included in this admission was the fact that the group colloquially known as MJ-12 does in fact exist and furthermore has the highest security clearances known to any government, and furthermore will use that power to deputize any or all federal govt agencies they deem necessary to maintain the secrecy surrounding their interaction with entities “alleging themselves to be from various star systems”, particularly as those interactions involved alleged treaty systems with both factions of aliens (for the sake of simplicity we can call them good and evil, because that is indeed what they were).

While the immigration case involved a ‘haunting’ level of surveillance of the principal affiant in this document, by agents and operatives tasked to do so by Majestic 12 and/or other human factions aligned with elements of the supra-national organization to which MJ-12 was subordinated to in the 1960s (known as the Committee Of The Majority, or CotM), the situation that developed allowed a unique opportunity for the ‘human authorities’ to provide for an admission of this type, in a fashion that would enter into what is known as the “public datastream”. The world may now know, and has had the knowledge made available to them, that their leaders have interacted with extraterrestrials and even made deals with them in the form of treaties, though the larger fact will emerge that they had no right to do so in the name of the People, and furthermore that the aliens involved had bamboozled the human powers as thoroughly as those humans have continued bamboozling humanity to this day, witness the 9 (rather 8; the ninth was too large to be hauled to S-4 at “Area 51”) alien craft — which are commonly known as UFOs — having been hauled away to a location in Utah once it was determined that despite taking ownership of the craft, humans would never be able to zip around in the skies at-will, as they had hoped…..though they have been able to reverse-engineer enough aerodynamic principles so as to allow for ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) that are the subject of much excited chatter by those claiming their is a ‘break-away space-faring civilization’ able to master the secrets of these craft.

While this site is undergoing a thorough reconstruction from what it originally was during the course of the years between 2005 and 2017, what follows is the document that was hammered out with the assistance of Majestic’s legal counsel at the Consistory (what insiders call the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on 16th ST NW Washington DC). Stay tuned as additional documentation, images and other evidence is added in, with many thanks to the truthseekers of the ORIGINAL Golden Thread (not to be confused with the artificial one ruled with an iron fist by the consort of the former Dan Burisch, who has since divorced his first wife whose name he had taken and reverted to his birth surname).

Dan Burisch, at the time of his first “retirement” from Majestic 12.
page 1 of the infamous form 255 - Request To admit
page 2
page 3

signed form 256 - response to request to admit
finally, the admission is signed by dr dan burisch on behalf of mj-12 on april 9, 2005

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