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I’m late, yelled The White Rabbit.
But he didn’t say whether it was for the future or the past.

Project Looking Glass, The DCTP, Stargates and The Yellow Book

In an interview with Bill Hamilton in June 2003 Dr. Dan Burisch recounted how in the period 90-91 he was cleared for working at Papoose Mountain Facility at Groom Lake (Area 51); the Site 4 facility. Here he was first introduced to the 4/5 Level facility (coded to add to 9; a number of numerological significance to the J-Rods) as he worked as part of Project Aquarius.

He told Bill Hamilton that there were 4 basic levels at Site-4.The first level is coded 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4 and finally where the J-Rod was housed in the ‘Clean Sphere‘ is 4-5. The 4-2 Level contains The Looking Glass Project, Alice‘s Glass; as Dan referred to it.

"...In fact, outside the door for the major facility, there is a White Rabbit with a clock; it's a very large statue and it's wired above the doorway."" ; Dan Burisch

Continuing the story about this period of his life, Dan recollected;

"The Looking Glass Project I find out is related to one of the ERBs (Einstein, Rosen, Podolsky, also known as Einstein-Rosen Bridges, ERBs). It uses some kind - of and this was found out just in the last two weeks - it's composed of a spherical spinning arc rectangular solid matrix of nickel, cadmium and barium. There is a spinning disk underneath it, which is super-cooled. Into this is injected.... into the center of these spinning (I'm not a physicist) spinning disks is injected an argon gas. Into that is injected some type of repulsion matter; gravity repulsion matter. They are obtaining the gravity repulsion matter from the heavy materials that have been obtained from the J-Rods: Element 115-variety material."

"Distance is time. From what I understand, they have only used it for information purposes. How they get the information out of it, I have no clue. I don't know. What specific information have they obtained? I only know of one piece of information and that is why the rush is underway to get LOTUS done by the 2005 (T-9 Treaty) deadline. In fact, this group of J-Rods that are not complying with the wishes of the Committee and the wishes of the rest of the J-Rods and associated brothers (there is an effort) to put a clamp on them so they stop their influence within the political structures of our government, including the financial structures. It is in fact they who are slowing down the progress to stop picking up these little (Einstein-Rosen) gates that were put together and would be our downfall in 2012."

Everything HG Wells wanted to know about time travel
but didn‘t know who to ask?

In a communication between BJ Wolf (Marci McDowell) and Bill Hamilton further operational details were revealed which give a glimpse of the technology used in this the most HG Wells-ish of inventions.

"With regard to LG (project Looking Glass): As I understand it, this device (at least 3 to 4 years ago) could not focus on a detailed sequence of activities in the future. In other words, you could not see exactly what would happen, like a series of events. I was told to consider the multiverse idea combined with work by Richard Gott on cosmic strings. The multiverse apparently is accessed when the forward mode is set. I was also told to consider the views provided by LG as one of many potential realities (at least in the future view mode).

I have also been told that recently there has been an effort made to outfit videotape recorders to be sent forward through the apparatus, thereby allowing the dark project people to gain some insight into what may take place.

When I heard about this several questions came to my mind. The most pressing of which was: if a camera were sent forward in time/space, would it be able to record anything other than what was immediately in front of its lens? I mean, what if LG were located in the middle of the Groom Lake facility, and the operators wanted to gain insight into the outcome of a conflict, say in the Middle East. How could a videotape recorder, set to record what was right in front of its lens at that location gather any data on the Middle East if it were still stuck in the middle of the Mojave desert when it got to the future??? Hell, something important could be happening right behind the camera and it would miss it - a couple of degrees change in camera direction allows one set of events to be seen while another set is completely overlooked, much less events half a world away.

To answer this question, my contact was not specific, saying only that cameras did not move, as mass does not change in its perspective to space time. However, such an item placed into the injected atmosphere, might experience a different time, if only briefly. And cameras could film within the gas or see images in the injected atmosphere as though it were a lens reflecting events in and around the column. I was given to understand that the tilt or positioning of the electromagnets would allow different views or positions in the environment to be reflected in the gas column.

I feel confident that at least two rings of electromagnets are employed and that the rest of the device is composed of a barrel and the gas injected into the barrel. (Two different sources have indicated that these are the basic components.) These magnets spin in different directions, creating a charge of some kind. Then the gas is injected into the barrel. Depending on the direction of the spin (I am sure speed and tilt and a bunch of other factors must also have an effect) time-space can be warped forward or backwards by long or short distances relative to the present. I have reason to believe that the scientists have completed a map of the exact positions and speeds of the magnets necessary to reach targeted times both forward and back.) Apparently, images of the events at different places, relative to the location of the device can be picked up and in essence reflected off the gas, causing it to behave like a teleprompter or crystal ball, for lack of a better example.

But I am not entirely sure that mass does not move, or that mass is not affected, since I was also told many years ago about an experiment that went very wrong in the early years of the LG project, involving a test subject of some kind. As I understand it there was significant movement of mass during that experiment, and it ended up with a rather gruesome death for the poor test subject. (I originally thought it was a monkey, but I found out that there were many test subjects that got sent through, so I am not certain what kind was involved in the experiment that went bad. However, in my typical reverse-logic search for colloraries, this tells me that there must have been many test subjects that made it through just fine. So I am certain that any errors that were made, or any miscalculations have long since been corrected).

I wish I could offer you more information. For what its worth, my sources have confirmed the presence of electromagnets and a barrel-like device which is injected with some kind of gas.... these components seem necessary for LG to function as a viewing device. And as for any changes in mass, or movement within time-space.... I really don't know since my information sources would only tell me 'so much' about what they saw or experienced at the time they were involved. But it can be reasoned, based upon what they did say, that there were significant experiments in the movement of mass back and forward through time, many of which were successful. I am sure much has been discovered and/or refined in the process since then."

see Bill Hamilton's web site for more of Bill's writing and his latest books.

Information that gives a whole new meaning to
‘The Lord of the Rings.’

Information about technology from the future that makes time travel possible surfaced during ‘insider’ Internet chats. The ERBs or wormholes were referred to as ‘rings’ ; to denote manufactured rather than natural stargates, which are also capable of facilitating travel time and space.

Nov. 28, 2003
excerpts from a conversation between an "insider" known as a Preserve Destiny and Dondep. (It is "believed" that Preserve Destiny is actually Lord Hill-Norton.)

•• • • • • • • • • •

PreserveDestiny: The presence of the rift gates has been accurately described by him. [Ed. note: Preserve Destiny is referring to Dan Burisch] The rings are falling under our control.

He [Dan Burisch] calls them natural stargates I believe.

Dondep: The 'rings'? These are the stargates, of which we think the other one in Iraq was just discovered, and you-know-who went to personally verify?

PreserveDestiny: The "rings", refers to manmade devices.

The "rings" have been used (by dictators) for linear travel. They have not mastered time issues.

Dondep: So, no Saddam. Wouldn't have sat very well anyway. So what dictators?
Dictators from our future? trying to prepare the way to come to our time and take us over?

PreserveDestiny: That would be unwise. Saddam will suffice for this interview.

PreserveDestiny: No, present and recent past.

Dondep: Dictators that could potentially use these stargates? Use them against our past?

PreserveDestiny: Use them at all. That is really of little concern. We are not fully prepared to face the consequences of having them on the face of this planet, whatsoever.

The rings pose a threat by their very existence, used either by impassioned dictators or well meaning scientists.

They only see that it is coming from Lotus. To drop the ball is to fail at preserving our destiny.

PreserveDestiny: It has. It comes down to allowing information to creep out, to reach the right sources, to protect other information, and disable the stargate potential.

Only a handful can negotiate the machine to time lines. Those persons are well secured.

Dondep: So you mean not only to disable the mechanics of this time-travelling stargate issue, but to use your power to prevent these 'illuminists' from pitting us, one Nation or Race against another?

PreserveDestiny: From my point of view- dropping the ball constitutes many things that cannot be afforded public discussion, save to say allowing this group to fall under the control of the rogue group.

•• • • • • • • • • •

PreserveDestiny: Dan does not have the ability to negotiate these machines. He is a Life Scientist. I may only hope to help solve the issue of the rings, the Luciferian issue goes well beyond any one man.

Aside from his correctness concerning quantum processes, I am sure not. The original designers are our future, who presented them as the Djed pillar to the past.

•• • • • • • • • • •

PreserveDestiny: The designs have been copied and modified since then.

Dondep: So there is a future that is set.

PreserveDestiny: No.

Dondep: Copied in the present day?

PreserveDestiny: They have been copied since the time of ancient Sumer

•• • • • • • • • • •

Dondep: So have you, yourself, seen these pages from Yellow Book from the future? And if so, why are they such a moving, yet immutable target?

PreserveDestiny: Meat cooking slowly this night! Yes I have the burden to have seen them. They are mutable.

Dondep: Meaning they can appear differently every time you read it/watch it?

PreserveDestiny: The images you have concerning them are accurate in presentation and context no matter how poor of quality.

PreserveDestiny: They appear as the one who presents it understands it.

Dondep: But only released prematurely? A bit overeager?

PreserveDestiny: The embrace image is accurate as well, and presents a peek into a time issue.

PreserveDestiny: I think that anyone asking into the future is over-eager.

•• • • • • • • • • •

PreserveDestiny: The book as you refer it is a directed consequence of a person presenting it from the future. It is a hologram. In 1981 Dan requested to know of a futurist of his date of death.

He received an answer. March, 2003. The futurist declared that he would live to 2028. He died in 1994. Dan lives, wiser I think not to ask such questions.

If perspectives are shared, time lines are accurately described, the pages are similar.

In March Dan was horribly attacked by a person trying to kill him. Lying in the hospital I came to his side.

This was March 28.

Dondep: So there was an attempt, and to the best of your knowledge it was not the MiBs trying to 'maintain a timeline', no?

PreserveDestiny: He came to understand why such questions should not be asked. I can assure you of that. Yes, you understand correctly concerning the reader.


How would you like the earth‘s possible destruction in 2012 —
natural or man-made ?

In another such internet chat this time with Dr Dan Burisch himself on 11-14-03 the issue of Stargates and the rings of Alice‘s Looking Glass was again discussed.

Dondep: stargates: size and makeup?

Dan Burisch: 2 kinds...natural and man made.

Dondep: man-made ones are bad, correct? why?

Dan Burisch: The natural ones, like the one at Frenchman, Sedona, etc. are various sized, depending on whether they are being opened by natural (cosmic) or by unnatural (electromagnetic pressure) means. The manmade ones, such as Alice‘s Looking-Glass, was about 20 or so feet in diameter if I am remembering exactly right...saw it only a couple of times.

Dan Burisch: The one (of the 2) in Iraq, was found not that far from Baghdad.

Dan Burisch: The one I saw was at the Shady Rest.

Dondep: I was reaching on that one where is Shady Rest? Nevada?

Dan Burisch: S4

Dondep: what IS on the other side of the stargates though? — "divine beings?"
(question from one on our forum)

Dan Burisch: Depending on what wormhole through which we pass, and depending on what power (this is physics stuff mainly that I don‘t understand) is presented to the manmade determines the destination. As for the natural ones... that depends on what part of space we are in. They branch, like a tree, from what I understand.
So, a proper "pulling" from another side can determine the destination of an object sent from a point of origin.

Dondep: any relation to HAARP quadrupling its power recently, and going for a 3x test tomorrow?


Dondep: I saw that!!!

Dan Burisch: You know HAARP is soon to be under the control of...a foreign unit?

Dondep: oops.... me not in the need-to-know loop there, I see! —"foreign"? — as in, ET?

Dan Burisch: No, as in Illuminated.

•• • • • • • • • • •

Suffice to say, that the issue of time travel within the ‘Black ops’ community Dr. Dan Burisch is part of is taken to be standard operating procedure in the same way that advanced concepts as the DCTP are. However, in the scientific world outside, even people such as leading physicists like Michio Kaku are considering the possibility that time travel - for so long the subject of science fiction - is rapidly approaching reality in this time and space.